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Finnish Puzzle Party 2014 Live

Tänään järjestetään vuoden 2014 FPP eli Finnish Puzzle Party Helsingissä Zen Roboticsin (Vilhonkatu 5a) tiloissa alkaen
klo 12. Tervetuloa paikalle, jos suinkin ehditte. Iltaan asti täällä ollaan.
Päivitän tähän lyhyesti päivän aikana lyhyehköjä vaikutelmia kokeilemistani, ja etenkin ratkaisemistani pulmista. Tämä on vakaa aikomukseni.

Koska teen tämän tabletilla, kirjoitan kommentit vain englanniksi.

Finnish Puzzle Part 2014 Live (hope so)

Today is the day of the Finnish Puzzle Party of 2014. My noble intention is to update in this post short impressions of
all of the puzzles I've tried - and especially of those I've managed to solve. Live. Starting sometime after 12am.
Welcome to Zen Robotics at Vilhonkatu 5a if you happen to be nearby.

Pulmat/ Puzzles:

Miroun tähti / Mirou's Star


Mrs. Roxanne Wong tells about her collection of about 30 000 puzzles. While listening and thinking about their living conditions in the midst of all the puzzles, I'm solving this:

Cast U&U. Linden solved it already and
keeps teasing me about it.

Yeah, couldn't solve it.

Timo Jokitalo drawing up puzzles. Too mathematical for me.
Mrs. Wong with Sloyd's Tomas Linden behind her.

2pm. Lunch break coming up.

3pm. Lunch break ended. Getting back to the office.

3pm-3.45pm. Half of our group got stuck in the freight elevator. No screams were heard, only laughter when Tomas showed them card tricks. Took a maintenance man to get them out.

4pm. Free solving begins.

I could be wrong but this might be Constantin's.
Harder than the Saturn puzzle.

Strijbos' bottle puzzle, one of them. Dexterity required so
probably not for me. Funny puzzle, though.

Mad in China. This was a neat one. Nice little
packing puzzle, not too difficult.

Another fun and simple looking packing puzzle.
But looks like it goes unsolved.

The Next Morning:

I had once again terrific time especially when I wasn't the one stuck in the elevator with my respiration problems. Again it felt like there was too little time to truly dive in to the pile of all the different puzzles available and devote enough time to each and all of them. You just try one for fifteen minutes and then move to the next just to get to try and feel as many different ones as possible. A bit ADHD.
      Still I got to try many new puzzles and managed to even solve some of them. Strijbos' bottle puzzle left me curious even with it's dexterity aspect. Cast U&U was interesting too although I suspect there's a bit too much precise orientation á la Cast Equa in the solution to satisfy me.
      Thanks to Tomás Linden for his jokes and stories, and for the magic tricks too. Here's hoping next year we'll get The Magnificent Lindén Magic Show as part of the program. I'd pay to see that.
      Thanks also to our international guests, Roxanne Wong and Frans de Vreugd.
      My haul consisted of three puzzles: Constantin's Spider Web (as seen in the photo), 5 L Box and Strijbos' Key 22mm (though the smaller version). Would've bought more if I had more money but I'm probably not the only.
      Thanks for the Timo Jokitalo and Vesa Timonen for organazing the event. See you again next year. At the latest.

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